Embarking on a New Chapter: YOUKEN GROUPS Ventures into Publishing


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In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of the music industry, adaptability and expansion are key to staying relevant and thriving. At YOUKEN GROUPS, we have always strived to push boundaries and explore new horizons. It is with great excitement that we announce our foray into music publishing, a significant step in our journey of growth and innovation.

Why Music Publishing Matters

Before we delve into our new venture, let’s understand the importance of music publishing. Music publishing plays a pivotal role in the music ecosystem, connecting songwriters, composers, and artists with their audiences. It involves the administration of song copyrights, collection of royalties, and synchronization licensing for various media.

For artists, publishing offers a means to protect their creative works and ensures they are compensated when their music is used in various forms, from radio broadcasts to TV commercials and streaming platforms. It’s an integral part of the music industry’s infrastructure.

Our Vision for Music Publishing

At YOUKEN GROUPS, our vision for music publishing is simple yet profound: to empower artists and creators by providing them with the support and resources they need to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

We understand that artists today wear multiple hats – from songwriter and performer to producer and entrepreneur. Our goal is to simplify the complex world of publishing, allowing artists to focus on what they do best: making music.

What Sets Us Apart

While there are many players in the music publishing arena, YOUKEN GROUPS brings a unique perspective and a commitment to artist-centric values:

  1. Transparency: We believe in transparency as the foundation of trust. Our artists will have access to detailed royalty reports, ensuring they know exactly how their music is performing.
  2. Global Reach: Through partnerships with leading publishing agencies, we can collect royalties worldwide, ensuring that our artists are compensated for their work, no matter where it’s used.
  3. Personalized Support: We understand that every artist’s journey is unique. That’s why we offer personalized support, tailored to each artist’s specific needs and goals.
  4. Advocacy: We are dedicated advocates for our artists, working tirelessly to protect their rights and ensure they receive fair compensation for their creative efforts.

Our Path Forward

Our journey into publishing will begin in February 2024, initially offering services within North America through our partnership with SOCAN. This initial launch will be exclusive to YOUKEN GROUPS’ current and future partners and customers. We anticipate a public launch by July 2024, accompanied by enhancements to our services based on valuable feedback and industry developments.

As we venture into this exciting new chapter, we remain committed to our core values: supporting artists, fostering innovation, and championing creativity. We look forward to the opportunities this expansion will bring, and we are honored to continue this journey with you, our talented artists and dedicated supporters.

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