Project Wisty’s Debut Single “Wait for Me” Set to Release on May 7th


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Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian music scene is about to experience a fresh and exciting addition with the release of Project Wisty’s debut single, “Wait for Me,” on May 7th. This new music group from Kingston, Ontario, consists of three talented artists: Wisty, Leroy, and $lugg, who are quickly gaining attention for their unique sound and unforgettable choruses.

About the Group

Project Wisty is not just another music group; they represent a new wave of creativity and innovation in the music industry. Known for their ability to blend different genres seamlessly, they already carved out a niche with their distinctive style. Wisty and Leroy lead the group with thier dynamic vocals, and $lugg adds depth with his production and sharp lyrical skills.

The Single: “Wait for Me”

“Wait for Me” is more than just a song; it’s a journey through emotions and personal experiences. The track captures the essence of longing and the complexities of relationships, wrapped in a melody that is both catchy and deeply moving. Fans can expect a mix of pop, hip-hop, and indie elements that showcase the group’s versatility and talent.

The inspiration behind “Wait for Me” is rooted in a story involving one of the group member’s personal experiences, making the song even more relatable and authentic. The single’s release is highly anticipated, and early listeners have praised its compelling narrative and engaging sound.

Future Plans

Following the release of “Wait for Me,” Project Wisty plans to continue their momentum with more singles and an EP in the works. They are also gearing up for live performances, aiming to connect with fans through intimate and energetic shows. With their debut single setting the stage, the future looks bright for Project Wisty.


Project Wisty is managed under the banner of YOUKEN GROUPS, a Canadian-based music company founded in 2019. The company focuses on helping young artists build successful careers through services like music distribution, artist management, and publishing. YOUKEN GROUPS is known for its artist-centric approach, providing transparency, personalized support, and global reach.

As the group prepares for their debut, they are backed by the extensive resources and industry expertise of YOUKEN GROUPS, ensuring that “Wait for Me” reaches audiences worldwide.

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